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Biosceptre Joins European Cooperation in Science & Technology COST Group BMBS 1406 – with focus on Ion Channels and Immune Response

Biosceptre announces today its membership of the COST Group (European Cooperation in Science & Technology) project COST BMBS 1406. This project, established in 2014, created the Ion chan-Immune response network that brings together internationally recognised scientists and companies across 15 European countries with the common goal of understanding the function of ion channels in immune cells.

Biosceptre joins BMBS1406 as a private research industry representative, with the goal of strengthening its collaborations and developing synergies with the scientific community. As an ion channel involved in immune response, P2X7 is the centre of significant interest for the COST Group BMBS 1406. By joining BMBS1406, Biosceptre is seeking to expand its understanding of its novel oncology target non-functional P2X7 (nfP2X7), a variant of the P2X7 ion channel which Biosceptre has shown to play a critical role in cancer cell survival.

The specific aims of the BMBS1406 Ion channel-Immune response network are

  1. to develop a strong European workforce to understand the role of ion channels in immune cells, and how deregulation of their function can cause disease, and
  2. to identify new targets for therapeutic immuno-interventions through modulation of ion channels.

The European project COST BMBS 1406 Ion channel – Immune response aims to connect specific ion channels with specific functions and diseases of our immune system.

Biosceptres’ clinical candidates specifically target a non-functional form of the P2X7 ion channel that is present only on the surface of cancer cells. Each of these clinical candidates has shown promising signs of efficacy in pre-clinical development as well as indicative efficacy and safety in compassionate access patients.

Biosceptre looks forward to contributing to COST 1406 as it seeks to achieve its goal of identifying new targets for therapeutic immuno-interventions through modulation of ion channels, and looks forward to participation within the group helping to increase understanding of the potential value of therapies targeting nfP2X7.

About Biosceptre:

Biosceptre is a Cambridge, UK headquartered biotechnology company focused on developing next generation cancer treatments targeting nfP2X7. Biosceptre’s programs include topical products, as well as systemic antibody-based therapeutics and vaccines, intended to treat a range of cancer types. With one successful phase I trial completed, Biosceptre will be progressing a range of candidates through the clinic, including:

  • BIL06v, a therapeutic vaccine for treatment of solid tumours (Phase 1)
  • BIL010t, a topical antibody treatment for Basal Cell Carcinoma (Phase 2)
  • BIL03s, a systemic human domain antibody for treatment of solid tumours (Phase 1)These trials will further advance the establishing of nfP2X7 as a new and important target for the successful treatment of a range of human cancers.