Executive Team

gavincurrieGavin Currie Chief Executive Officer

Gavin was appointed CEO of Biosceptre International Ltd in October 2012, having been a Board member since 2009.  Prior to taking the CEO role at Biosceptre, Gavin was General Manager of Creata Ventures, a family-held investment fund with a strong biotech focus. Biosceptre was a key investment within that fund.

Gavin previously founded a boutique transaction services company and has significant experience in M&A, particularly integrating businesses post transaction. Gavin has developed a reputation for delivering value by commercialising previously unseen opportunities and has been employed internationally in Australia, New Zealand, England, USA and Hong Kong, with experience in cross-border transactions and investments.

Dr Shaun McNulty, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Shaun joined Biosceptre in January 2014. With over 20 years of experience working in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors across a range of functions from target identification, drug discovery and portfolio management to product and commercial development. Shaun is experienced in strategic planning, drug discovery and product development and brings broad industry understanding to the scientific and commercial sides of the business.

Having obtained his doctorate from the University of York, Shaun undertook 5 years of post-doctoral study at the University of Cambridge. He then held positions at GSK, Pfizer and Syntaxin, managing a number of scientific teams, international drug discovery projects and drug development portfolios. Shaun joined ImmBio in 2008, establishing scientific links and the commercial strategy that led to the company obtaining multiple grants to develop its vaccine products. Currently, Shaun directs Biosceptre International’s portfolio of drugs through research and clinical development stages.

danielbartonDaniel Barton BSc Llb Director Business Development

Daniel Barton is Director of Business Development for Biosceptre, working across strategy and delivery, and applying broad professional skills in legal, administration, product development and marketing. Daniels’ academic background is molecular biochemistry and intellectual property. He has founded, run, and sold start ups, held P&L and board reporting roles in listed companies, and led development teams, collaborated with research groups, and commissioned external and internal product development and production teams.

bradmillerBrad Miller Senior Manager – Legal & Compliance

Brad joined Biosceptre as Senior Manager – Legal & Compliance in May 2013 after five years with a private international investment fund. With practical knowledge in both financial management and legal documentation, Brad gained hands on experience across a broad range of cross-border transactions including mergers and acquisitions, debt financing and equity investments, primarily in the life sciences sector. Brad holds a Masters of Business Law from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Macquarie University.