Targeting Cancer

Biosceptre has developed approaches to target cancer-specific epitopes visible on nf-P2X which are not visible on other forms of P2X. Studies have shown that the nf-P2X receptor is present on over 95% of cancer types tested but critically is not present on the surface of non-cancerous cells from normal tissue. Biosceptre’s therapeutics do not cross react with normal P2X, indicating that they are unlikely to affect the function of P2X in normal cells. Biosceptre has confirmed this through in vitro studies.

Significantly formal pre-clinical toxicology studies for the systemic therapeutic BIL-221s, and topical therapeutic BIL-010t, demonstrate that Biosceptre’s approaches are safe. A Phase I clinical study has demonstrated that BIL-010t is well tolerated and without significant side effects. Furthermore Biosceptre has treated Category A and informed consent patients with systemic antibodies, topical antibodies and by vaccination without significant side effects. Treatment of companion animals has also been shown to be safe.