About Biosceptre

side view nfP2X7Biosceptre is a UK based biotech R&D business investigating and exploiting a promising new target for the treatment of cancer – nfP2X7.

nfP2X7 is a variant of the P2X7 transmembrane ligand gated ion channel, and has been identified and characterized by Biosceptre as a significant new oncology therapy target. Its absence in normal tissue, along with the breadth of its presence in cancer, means that nfP2X7 is a highly specific oncology biomarker and target, and promises to be relevant to the successful treatment of many types of cancer.

The target nfP2X7 is:

  • highly specific to cancer cells (we have strong evidence indicating no cross reactivity in human)
  • occurs across a broad range of cancers (nfP2X7 has been detected in +20 human tumor samples)
  • constitutes a significant IP asset (Biosceptre has been awarded over 100 patents globally)

Biosceptre has multiple programs in the pipeline that exploit the nfP2X7 oncology target via a range of modalities including antibody, vaccine, and topically. Each has the potential to be a blockbuster in the treatment of cancer either individually or in combination with other treatments.

Biosceptres’ IP portfolio and expertise around the unique biology of the nfP2X7 target also has significant potential for application & licensing across advanced therapeutic technologies, diagnostic and veterinarian uses.

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