About Biosceptre

Biosceptre is a UK headquartered biotech developing next-generation cancer therapeutics utilising its proprietary target, nfP2X7. Biosceptre has an experienced team of scientists and executives based in state of the art facilities at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge UK and at Sydney Australia.

Biosceptre has multiple clinical programs designed to exploit nfP2X7 via a range of modalities including systemic antibodies, vaccines and topical therapeutics. A comprehensive global IP portfolio covers broadly both the target itself and multiple drug modalities, as well as multiple candidates designed to exploit nfP2X7.

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About the Target nfP2X7

Biosceptre’s target nfP2X7 is a variant of the P2X7 ion channel that has been modified to facilitate the survival and proliferation of cancer cells in the tumour micro environment. To achieve this, it maintains many of the signalling capabilities of P2X7 but does not retain the ability of P2X7 to initiate cell death. Critically, nfP2X7 is widely expressed and at a high frequency on many types of cancer but is absent from normal tissue. Therefore, nfP2X7 constitutes a highly specific and valuable oncology biomarker and therapeutic target. nfP2X7 is:

  • highly specific to cancer cells with no detectable expression in normal human tissues
  • present on more than 20 of the most common cancers by frequency of diagnosis
  • well protected (Biosceptre has been awarded over 100 patents globally)

Biosceptre’s IP portfolio and expertise around the nfP2X7 target has significant potential for application & licensing in imaging and diagnostic as well as therapeutic uses.

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