Visionary pioneers, Biosceptre’s researchers are leading the way with nfP2X7-targeted oncology therapeutics that have the potential to benefit millions of cancer patients across the world.

We made a very exciting advance in cancer research, the discovery of nfP2X7 – a new oncology target shown to be present on a broad range of cancers types. We are currently driving several nfP2X7-targeted CAR T-cell and antibody therapies towards clinical stage that, we believe, could provide treatment options for a great number of patients whose cancer has resisted other therapies.

Headquartered in the UK, Biosceptre is undertaking therapeutic development efforts in Cambridge, England and Sydney, Australia and has secured a significant global IP portfolio.

With Nobel prize-winning science leadership, globally-renowned researchers and collaboration with major research institutes, Biosceptre is committed to a future of targeted oncology where nfP2X7 technology forms the cornerstone.


We’re not alone…

We are supported by the ongoing partnerships with global experts and major research institutes that expand our science and augment our therapeutic pipeline.

Our therapies have the potential to generate equity value measured in the billions and to deliver real improvement for millions of people.


The results from our studies are promising. Our primary focus is on rapidly delivering personalised nfP2X7-targeted CAR T therapies to cancer patients with limited treatment alternatives. Alongside this, we will continue to expand our pipeline, including the development of targeted antibody therapeutics, with the aim of delivering a range of products capable of rapid scaling to meet potential global demand.
Biosceptre Pipeline full table
Biosceptre Pipeline compact table


Advances in technology need vision and support. An investment in our technology is a commitment beyond cancer – to better outcomes and improved lives for millions of cancer patients across the world.


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