Biosceptre has a strong base of highly committed investors willing to support the business through to commercial success. At certain times in the Company’s development there will be larger capital requirements, which will provide an opening for new investors to take a position in the business.

Key to the valuation of the Biosceptre business is the proof that our various products, that exploit the nf-P2X7 target to treat and/or diagnose cancer, are safe, efficacious, and have utility in the clinic, and acceptance of these products by practitioners in the field. To ensure that this value is unlocked as effectively as possible, we have structured the business founded on nine building blocks (see graphic).

  • The Technology behind Biosceptre has the potential to redefine cancer therapy.
  • Biosceptre is in a unique and strong Strategic Position based on its Intellectual Property, Knowledge Base and World Leadership.
  • The Team executing the business plan will hit a series of milestones over the next 24 months, with each milestone representing a value inflexion point for the business, which combined should enable the Company to do an attractive capital raise at a value significantly higher than today.

If you are interested in becoming a Biosceptre shareholder, and would like to hear more about future investment openings, please contact