We know that our ground-breaking treatments have the potential to treat a range of malignancies and make a drastic difference to lives of millions of cancer patients, globally.

There are unique synergies when CAR T therapeutic technology is applied to the novel oncology target nfP2X7 that has been characterised and developed by Biosceptre.

CAR T is a powerful therapy, but also has great potential for off target toxicity if the target is found on normal tissue. Unlike an ‘over expression’ target, nfP2X7 is found on many cancer cells in many tumour types, yet is absent from all normal tissues, creating great potential to make powerful CAR T therapies that are safe and effective.

Our work on nfP2X7-targeting constructs means we currently have two CAR T and one Antibody program in the pipeline, as we aim to bring best-in-class therapies to cancer patients as rapidly as possible.

We will post updates here as research progresses.

Biosceptre Pipeline full table
Biosceptre Pipeline compact table


Available for Out-licensing

  • BIL06v Peptide Vaccine (Phase 1 trial final report due Q3 2020)
  • BIL010t Polyclonal Antibody Topical Therapeutic (BCC)