Systemic – BIL03s

In 2012, there were an estimated 14.1 million new cancer cases around the world, over 8 million people died of cancer and 32.6 million living with Cancer. These numbers are projected by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to increase significantly. Existing therapies, including systemic antibodies, often demonstrate poor efficacy, are expensive and have a relatively low impact on quality of life.

Nevertheless, over 30 therapeutics in the form of mAbs alone or mAb conjugated with a cytotoxic agent have been approved by the FDA for various oncology indications.

Based on the current standards of care, a new systemic therapeutic that has excellent safety and efficacy, would command a large share of the cancer market for any given cancer type.

Formal toxicology studies have been completed that demonstrate that BIL03s is safe, and in vivo studies have demonstrated that BIL03s has the potential for efficacy. A clinical plan has been developed and Biosceptre is seeking partnerships to take this antibody therapy through the clinic.