A paper describing Biosceptres’ recent discoveries of the relationship between nfP2X7 and the tumour microenvironment, and confirming the role of nfP2X7 in cancer cell biology has been accepted for publication by the journal Oncogene. This study demonstrates that

  1. nfP2X7 is essential for tumour cell survival
  2. exposure to a high ATP concentration, similar to those found in the tumour microenvironment, increases nfP2X7 levels on cells, and
  3. nfP2X7 is broadly expressed in patient-derived tumour sections from a wide range of cancers, confirming earlier studies

The published findings confirm that nfP2X7 provides a novel therapeutic cancer target against multiple malignancies.

CSO Shaun McNulty said

“This publication highlights the significant work that Biosceptres’ Research and Development team has undertaken to characterise nfP2X7, an important new cancer target.  It also provides further confidence in our decision to progress BIL06v, our therapeutic vaccine candidate, into the clinic and justifies the development of additional therapeutics against nfP2X7.”

This paper can be viewed online here https://www.nature.com/articles/s41388-018-0426-6