Science Operations

Dr Shaun McNulty, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Shaun joined Biosceptre in January 2014. With over 20 years of experience working in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors across a range of functions from target identification, drug discovery and portfolio management to product and commercial development. Shaun is experienced in strategic planning, drug discovery and product development and brings broad industry understanding to the scientific and commercial sides of the business.

Having obtained his doctorate from the University of York, Shaun undertook 5 years of post-doctoral study at the University of Cambridge. He then held positions at GSK, Pfizer and Syntaxin, managing a number of scientific teams, international drug discovery projects and drug development portfolios. Shaun joined ImmBio in 2008, establishing scientific links and the commercial strategy that led to the company obtaining multiple grants to develop its vaccine products. Currently, Shaun directs Biosceptre International’s portfolio of drugs through research and clinical development stages.

julianbardenDr Julian Barden, PhD
Director of Research

Julian is a protein structure specialist. He has over 30 years experience working on protein structure analyses, molecular modelling, protein function studies and antibody design in several areas. These include the molecular mechanism of muscle contraction, actin structure and function, calcium regulating hormones, purinergic receptor structure and function and the development of cancer diagnostics and lead cancer immunotherapeutic molecules. Julian has authored 150 international papers, sixteen patent families and has presented over 200 papers at national and international scientific meetings.

angusgidleybairdDr Angus Gidely-Baird, PhD
Scientific Director

Dr Angus Gidley-Baird is the Scientific Director of Biosceptre. Dr Gidley-Baird has substantial senior level experience in research and commercialisation of research results. Dr Gidley-Baird was a Research Director and Director of three publicly listed biomedical companies, an author/co-author of 39 publications in refereed scientific journals and is an inventor / co-inventor of 7 patent families. Dr Gidley-Baird has been a fulltime Research Director in biotechnology companies since 1994 and managed the Biosceptre research and development projects from 2003 until 2012.

Dr Edwin Huang, PhD, M.Com, B.Eng
Director of Clinical Production

Edwin is responsible¬† for oversight of the manufacturing of all of Biosceptres’ clinical trial product, clinical development of the current lead BIL03s, and also leads new antibody development using antibody engineering techniques. Edwin has extensive research and commercial experience in bio-processing technology, covering microbial, plant cell and mammalian cell system for various bio-production purposes, with a strong focus in mammalian application for biologics production to support pre- to early stages of clinical studies. Edwin maintains familiarity with trends in industry practice, technology evolution and regulatory requirements as tey apply to biologics development.