About BIL03s

A human domain antibody targeting solid and haematological tumours

Biosceptre has developed a human monoclonal domain antibody, BIL03s, targeting nfP2X7, for use in both solid and haematological tumours.

Over 30 antibodies 30 therapeutics in the form of mAbs alone or mAbs conjugated with a cytotoxic agent have been approved by the FDA for various oncology indications. However existing cancer therapies, including systemic antibodies, often demonstrate relatively poor efficacy, are expensive and have a modest impact on quality of life. Recent developments with immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibitors have been very encouraging, but side effects, as well as lack of response and relapse continue to be significant problems, and the unmet need for therapies that can make a meaningful difference remains high.

BIL03s has been shown to reduce tumour growth and metastasis number in vivo. Formal toxicology and preclinical studies have demonstrated that BIL03s has an excellent safety profile, and BIL03s was granted approval by the Bellberry Ethics committee to proceed with a phase I trial in Australia subject to standard site documentation being finalised.