Paper concludes Biosceptre’s target nf-P2X7 is ubiquitous to all cancer types

Cambridge, UK, 18 July 2014. Biosceptre, the oncology company developing antibody products that target the nf-P2X7 receptor, announces it has published preclinical research on its fully IP-protected cancer target.

For full text of the paper, click here: Non-Functional P2X7: A Novel and Ubiquitous Target in Human Cancer

The paper proposes that a key hurdle to the development of cancer therapies is identifying a target that is common to all cancers, but not found in healthy tissue. Using histological and staining techniques, the researchers tested many different cases and forms of prostate, skin, breast, bowel, ovarian, cervical, uterine, lung, liver, stomach, bladder, head and neck, testicular, and pancreatic cancer tissues for the presence of nf-P2X7.

The results showed nf-P2X7 to be present in all of these cancers; and importantly not present in comparitive healthy tissues. As such the researchers concluded that nf-P2X7 has the potential to provide a novel and broad therapeutic cancer target.

“In our minds, the results from this research couldn’t be clearer,” said Gavin Currie, CEO of Biosceptre. “This is significant data showing our proprietary target to be present in a wide range of cancer types, and is a commercially viable therapeutic target as it is not present in healthy tissues. We look forward to reporting on our topical and systemic clinical programmes that are already underway.”

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